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Necklace mix of colored amber cubes


A unique necklace made of colored cubes and amber rollers.

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Sku: N0038

Necklace mix of colored amber cubes

A unique necklace made of colored cubes and amber rollers. Hand made suspended on a jeweler’s chain finished with a snap-hook clasp. A delicate necklace, light in an interesting form.

Baltic amber is one of the the most highly sought after types of amber in the world. Unfortunately, both its quality and its popularity have given rise to a host of imitations. Plastic, glass, casein, and copal are some of the various materials that make up most artificial ambers on the market. The link contains several proven methods for helping buyers differentiate genuine Baltic amber from its imitators.

Few products can claim to be both beautiful and functional. Baltic amber is famous not only for its attractive appearance, but also for its healing properties. Baltic amber has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and provides a ready alternative for those seeking a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals used in modern medicine.

Baltic amber can be found in many varieties of colors. Each of these colors can also assume different shades of color. It is connected with the process of its formation. You will find more on this subject in link.

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 45 cm

Lobster Claw


polished, grinded


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Jewelry amber necklace form Baltic sea
Necklace mix of colored amber cubes



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