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The Healing Properties of Baltic Amber/ Unique Aspects of Baltic Amber

Few products can claim to be both beautiful and functional. Baltic amber is famous not only for its attractive appearance, but also for its healing properties. Baltic amber has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and provides a ready alternative for those seeking a natural alternative to synthetic chemicals used in modern medicine.

struktura - The Healing Properties of Amber -

Baltic amber extract is rumored to have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties and was used in the past to strengthen and support the body’s natural defenses. Succinic acid, a key substance found in Baltic amber, has been shown to promote tissue revitalization and can be found in modern remedies for skin disorders and rejuvenating face creams. Historically it was also ingested to treat various intestinal, respiratory, and neurological ailments. In addition to physiological improvements, amber reportedly helps improve mental clarity and mood, with some wearers claiming it can help reduce the effects of depression and promote a positive state of mind.

energia - The Healing Properties of Amber -

Where do the unique aspects of natural Baltic amber come from? Baltic amber, like all forms of amber, comes from the fossilized resin (sap) of ancient pine trees. Millions of years ago, massive evergreen forests covered large swathes of northern Europe, ranging from Scandinavia to what is now the bed of the Baltic Sea. Scientists theorize that as the climate warmed through the millennia, the trees began to “weep” additional sap to offset the rising temperatures. As a result of exposure to the air, the tree sap solidified and eventually transformed into the hard amber stone found throughout the Baltic region today.

nalewka - The Healing Properties of Amber -

As a result of its age and development, Baltic amber possesses several unusual properties. Unlike other gemstones, it is warm to the touch and emits a pleasant, relaxing fragrance when held or worn next to the skin. Baltic amber comes in a variety of colors ranging from lemon yellow to deep cherry, and while yellow is the dominant hue, shades of blue, green, red, and black can also be found. This diverse palette of colors ensures an endless variety of bespoke creations designed to suit every individual. Whether choosing a piece for its appearance or its natural healing properties, Baltic amber imbues each wearer with a sense of both class and comfort.

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